Thursday, 12 February 2015

Blair Schlossberg - Marquis Investments, LLC as a Part of Crown Holdings Group

Blair Schlossberg created the real estate investment company Crown Holdings Group in 2009 with his business partner Moshe Manoah in Atlanta. Crown Holdings Group specializes in purchasing devalued property, improving the property, and reselling it at profit. Crown Holdings Group has made over $2 billion in real estate transactions over the past six years. Schlossberg began his real estate career as a lawyer for the Atlanta-based law firm Alston and Bird in 1991, right after he completed his doctor of law degree at Emory University. While he was there, he gained the knowledge and experience that would lead him to his successful real estate career.
Blair Schlossberg left Alston and Bird in 1996 to become the Corporate Counsel for BWAY Corporation, a large manufacturing company with yearly sales over $500 million. Serving this company in various positions reinforced his already considerable skill and experience. He now heads the Duke Housing, Inc. affiliate of Crown Holdings Group, which has three affiliates, each dedicated to one aspect of the parent company’s real estate interests—residential properties, rental properties, and retail properties. Duke Housing, Inc. handles the residential properties. 

Marquis Investments, LLC handles the rental properties that Crown Holdings Group invests in. Schlossberg and Manoah set the company up this way so it could make quick decisions necessary for success in the real estate market. Schlossberg’s vision and determination have propelled Crown Holdings Group into a highly successful stratosphere for real estate investors. Investors have gotten used to high returns from their investments in Crown Holdings Group.

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