Friday, 26 September 2014

Blair Schlossberg: The Fastest Growing Company

Blair Schlossberg is the co-founder of the Crown Holdings Group in Atlanta, Georgia, a real estate investment company that was named the fastest growing private company in Atlanta in early 2014.

The company was recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle in the spring of 2014, at the journal's 2014 Pacesetter Awards annual event.

"We intend to build Crown into a national leader in real estate investment and management," Blair Schlossberg said at the time. "This is just the beginning for us."

Blair Schlossberg and his business partner, Crown co-founder Moshe Manoah, were recognized for their achievement in building Crown Holdings Group into the success that it is. Crown Holdings Group principal Stephen M. LaMastra said the recognition validated the vision of the two co-founders, and that it is particularly impressive because they did it in less than five years. The company was established in the spring of 2009.

LaMastra pointed out that Crown Holdings Group had quadrupled in size in just two years, which he called further validation of the vision of Blair Schlossberg and Moshe Manoah. Crown Holdings Group has more than two hundred associates, more than one hundred fifty million dollars in equity capital, and has been named one of the best places to work in Atlanta.

Crown Holdings Group and its affiliates currently own more than five hundred million dollars of retail shopping centers, development properties, and apartment complexes all across the Southeastern United States. Blair Schlossberg projects that the company will acquire another one billion dollars worth of properties in the next few years.

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